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Here's Everything You Get as a Member of the Breakthrough Burnout Retreats

Two-Day MER®️ Breakthrough Session
$60,000 VALUE

Experience our two-day clinical NLP program to rapidly release suppressed emotions, and permanently stop the compulsive driving beliefs and inner conflict at the root cause of your burnout… without needing to willpower your way out and relive any traumatic memories.

Realign your values and deepest motivators and craft a compelling inspired outlook and meaningful future that enriches your life and finally end to the stressors of the hustle and grind.

Executive Empowerment Retreat
$45,000 VALUE

Join our VIP community of high-achieving entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals to support your recovery and overall wellbeing on a vacation of a lifetime. 

Apply our Vacation Protocol and make preparing for this trip and returning to work stress-free and guilt-free.

With workshops and psychedelic-assisted therapy, you’ll gain the skills and an undeniable profound transformation that will leave you burnout-free forever, while gaining invaluable friendships for life. 

Post-Recovery Integrative Support Coaching 
$25,000 VALUE

Work directly with our Certified NLP Burnout Recovery Coaches over 90 days to support and integrate your recovery into your new empowered life. Blow out procrastination and prime your mind and install new healthy habits quickly.

Our guided integration program will help you keep motivated to take action and keep focused on achieving your post-recovery goals.

Empowerment VIP Support Club Membership
$35,000 VALUE

Join our exclusive community and be motivated with camaraderie, mutual respect, and friendship on your journey of recovery and wellbeing.

Get real insights from those who share similar circumstances.  Feel safe about opening up and sharing real challenges in a closed circle of trust, and celebrate breakthroughs and future outlooks together.

Join the Founders Mental Health Pledge movement and be a powerful champion of wellbeing for your organization, family, and community for life.

Plus a Bonus Package Worth Over


Bonus #1
Accountability Buddy Support Training

What are Trusted Friends and Family for?

Don’t struggle and recover from burnout alone. Whether it’s with your work colleague, friend, partner or spouse, equip them with the knowledge to understand, empathize and support you on your recovery journey.

We'll equip your support buddy so:

  • Your accountability buddy will learn how to do MER®️ with you
  • Learn skills to help you stop procrastinating and keep consistent with your values and motivation
  • 15% off with a 2-for-1 Bundle 
Bonus #2
Burnout Recovery VIP Challenge

Master Recovery as a Lifetime Skill!

Join us for our Bi-Annual 3-Day Live Event where you will learn our 5-Step Burnout Recovery Framework 

  • Learn how to recover from a burnout injury with powerful NLP tools 
  • Add energy capacity and not more unfulfilled self-care routines to an empty tank
  • Stop the compulsive behaviors guilt-free without willpower
  • Become a master of your emotions with actionable skill-building exercises
  • Fix your sleep conditions to quiet the mind peacefully and wake up refreshed and excited for the day
  • Prevent burnout forever with our values mapper and uncover your specific blueprint to meaning and fulfillment
Bonus #3
Interdisciplinary Support Protocol

Reduce Medication and Side Effects...

Get us referred through your medical doctor or psychologist so you can safely and systematically reduce medications and their side effects 

  • Get recovery supervision for your therapeutic outcomes
  • Create a joint protocol with clinical research and the MER®️ process to supplement your current treatment plan
  • Integrate follow up for your current healthcare provider’s diagnostic model to safely reduce medication 
Bonus #4
Empowerment Accelerator Membership Program

Achieve Work Life Fulfillment.

Get the most updated tools in NLP to live an empowered and fulfilling life.

  • Gain deep clarity and meaning around your career, impact, and purpose
  • Align values and beliefs for high achievement and deep belonging
  • Bullet proof your confidence and tap into energy, passion and resilience
  • Change and enhance your motivation and decision-making to be energetically enriching
  • Magnetically achieve your goals easily and effortlessly
  • Integrate with your nervous system for rapid long-lasting change
Bonus #5
Workplace Burnout Response Training

Burnout Insurance for Your Workplace!

Addressing the system is just as important as the individual. Prevent burnout in the workplace and equip your organization with the responsive capability for recovery, wellbeing, and performance.

  • Identify employees across the burnout spectrum and provide a personalized specific path for prevention and recovery
  • Raise awareness on workplace burnout with our lunch n’ learn sessions
  • Integrate our burnout response program within your HR wellness program
  • Stop any turnover related to mismanaged chronic stress and burnout
  • Add a Burnout Insurance Guarantee to your Employee Benefits and Total Rewards Programming


Rapid Burnout Relief in 30 minutes 

Instant Burnout Relief!

Get deep relaxation and regulated in less than 30 minutes as simple as plugging in your headphones. Come out balanced and energized to solve your problems with ease and clarity.

  • 30-minute guided visualization with binaural beats audio to maximize relaxation
  • Fast-acting and convenient stress relief without medication and side effects
  • Turn off any mental chatter for deep sleep and start the day refreshed
  • Reduce burnout stress from chronically conditioned emotional triggers
  • Get into peak performance states between meetings and switching between work and life 


Energy Audit Protocol Strategy Session

Like getting a year of therapy in a day…

Finally put an end to talking about your problems and focus your energy on reclaiming your mental and emotional energy.  End the cycle of coping, so you can laser-target interventions to stop the beliefs, emotions, and conflicts that drive chronic stress behind your burnout.

  • Identify your burnout habits, patterns, thoughts, and emotions that drive you to exhaustion and keep you on edge
  • Gain clarity on your energy drainers that keep you stuck with chronic stress
  • Apply the 4Ds Framework to Energy Recovery to prioritize and free mental and emotional resources to optimally self-regulate
  • Set healthy boundaries on the people, environment and circumstances that drain you most
  • Gain balance in your work and life to move in harmony with your unique blueprint for meaning, fulfillment and purpose


Promise 1:
Only commit to the program after releasing an energy draining emotion with MER®️ and a personalized strategy for your recovery

Promise 2:
If presenting symptoms don’t go away within 21 days after MER®️ Breakthrough Session and Integration Follow Through, get your money back

Promise 3:
After 21 days, we will work with you for free until you achieve your first goal that convinces you that you’re burnout-free

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How long does it take to recover from burnout?

With slow incremental changes in unhealthy habits and adopting a new lifestyle centered on wellbeing, it can take around 3 years without professional support

With MER®️, it can remove a majority of your presenting symptoms in 2 days and you’ll begin to realize positive life changes in about 3 weeks.

Followed with our integration coaching, you’ll experience a lifestyle shift in alignment with goals that fulfill you within 3 months.

How do I make the time to recover?

First, it’s important to set recovery as a priority for you.

The issue isn’t making time for recovery, it’s when you stop something you’re doing to make room, existing unfinished needs want to take its place.  This can be a cause of inner conflict that’s ridden with guilt.

Because of the speed and effectiveness of the MER®️ two-day, we can address your recovery as a focused functional vacation to self-regulate.

This frees up mental and emotional capacity for post-recovery activities and building new healthy and empowering habits.

Why is it so difficult to recover by myself?

When it comes to burnout, the biggest hurdle for recovery and any change work is dealing with chronic stress.

Our unconscious thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and even environment make us stressed and unable to self-regulate.

Unlike other types of change work, willpower is in very short supply when you’re burning out.  It's prone to self-sabotage that destroys the momentum to recover effectively.

What’s the difference between self-care and recovery?

Self-care and building resilience are considered maintenance and preventative work.  It implies, you’re healthy and not burning out, and applying tools and techniques to maintain your overall well being to avoid burnout. Applying forms of self-care can give you a sense of relief, but doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

Recovery implies you’re experiencing burnout.

It would be considered an injury and being emotionally de-regulated.  Recovery is the process of getting back to being regulated and addressing the underlying issues that are causing stress, which utilizes different tools and skill sets. 

In other words, prevention is a lifelong practice. Recovery is a process with clear therapeutic outcomes and an end date.

What’s the difference between MER®️ and traditional therapy?

The focus of NLP and MER® is on HOW you create the problem in your head and the structure and strategy behind the problem.

It’s then followed with specific visualization techniques to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Mental Emotional Release® has demonstrated results in a broad variety of presenting problems.  It is a powerful technique that allows clients to make long-lasting changes in a very rapid way. 

Will I be working with a licensed psychologist or MD?

You will be working with a Board Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and MER®️, and utilizing the tools within its scope of practice.

However, if you are currently seeing a psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist, it’s recommended to have them refer us and take an interdisciplinary approach to your recovery.

Do you take or accept insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance. 

However, we provide an invoice for your wellness or personal spending account as part of your employee benefits, if applicable.

We recommend that you speak with your HR team as they could approve this work.  

We offer a workplace burnout responsiveness program that can include your recovery as part of the workplace training.

Is there a payment plan for this program?

Yes, if you require financial assistance, we can offer a more flexible payment option to cover the expenses of this program.  

Ask our enrollment advisors for details.

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