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Attention Stressed Out Executives!

Fully Recover From Burnout Without Quitting Your Job Even If You're Exhausted, Overwhelmed and Given Up!

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Here's Everything You Get as a Member of the Breakthrough Burnout Retreats

Two-Day MER Breakthrough Session
$20,000 VALUE

Work 1-on-1 with a Board Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and MER®️ to release all the destructive beliefs, suppressed emotions, trauma, and inner conflicts driving your burnout within your nervous system.

It's fast, painless, and requires no reliving painful memories so you can re-regulate very quickly without sliding back into burnout.

With a busy high responsibility career and life, speed and targetted effectiveness is the game. You can't afford taking 8 months off on a sabbatical hoping for a recovery. Return back from this supercharged vacation, liberated with the mental and emotional capacity to be productive, engaged and alive again.   

5-Star Premium All-Inclusive Stay at Royalton Resorts Hideaway
$15,000 VALUE

Participate in a transformational wellbeing experience immersed in 7-days of luxury and paradise with our premium resort partner, Royalton Resorts Hideaway.

Arrive to where endless ocean vistas, countless adventures, and family-friendly fun await. Near shopping, cuisine, and nightlife, discover an all-inclusive resort that features intuitive service, water sports, a tranquil spa, sparkling beaches and pools, and a variety of culinary options to suit every taste. There’s no better place to breakfree of your burnout forever.

90-Day Integration Coaching
$12,000 VALUE

You'll have a recovery coach to help you integrate and navigate your career and life moving forward, burnout-free.  Learn new strategies and ways to effectively manage your energy, and perform at your best without sacrificing your wellbeing in the process.

Done are the days of talking about your problems, and now capable to reprogram your psychology to achieve work-life fulfillment.

24/7 Access to the Transcend the Hustle Online Community
$5,000 VALUE

Get lifetime access to our learning platform and to our programs and resources on burnout prevention and recovery skills with advice from our team of experts.

Gain tools to equip you to navigate your workplace, stigma-free and amplify both your wellbeing and performance at work.  Become a champion for wellbeing and never let anyone whom you care about burnout on your watch.

Plus a Bonus Package Worth Over


Bonus #1
Grow & Thrive Development Package

Unleash the Secrets to Work-Life Fulfillment!

Get full access to our premiere Accelerated Burnout Recovery Program and put yourself on the path of growth and empowerment.

With this learning program you'll learn how to:

  • Design and set your life priorities to fulfill your criterion values and achieve deep meaning in all areas of life
  • Uncover your purpose and shift yourself from having a career to expressing your calling
  • Tap into your latent strengths and talents to make your work seem effortless and deeply impactful
  • Shred unresourceful states and activate high-performance states to achieve your goals with ease and grace
  • And much more...

Coupled with supporting clinical hypnosis, fast-track your way to profound, deep long-lasting change effortlessly. 

Bonus #2
2-for-1 Accountability Buddy Bonus

What are Trusted Friends for?

Long-term change requires personal accountability.

What better way to encourage an accountability buddy than inviting them down onto the premium resort to stay with you on us, whether it be a colleague, business partner, b.f.f, husband, wife or family member.

They'll be further equipped with the skills of MER®️ to support any release work as needed in your future, for life!

Also, having someone witness the profound changes with you over the week is definitely a super bonus!

Create long lasting deep bonds with someone you can lean on for continual support.

Bonus #3
1-on-1 Workplace Consultation Package

Stop Burnout in Your Workplace

Being a workplace and a People professional, leaving the workplace because of burnout is 100% preventable on your watch.

Whether you're in HR, the CEO or a workplace leader at any level, we already clearly know that the root causes of systemic burnout stems from the workplace environment.

Get a deep dive strategy session and an action plan to help you and your team uncover your organizational responsiveness for burnout and identify the most optimal programs, systems and tools you'll need to end burnout in your workplace.

We'll help connect your existing workplace programs to amplify the cultural development of workplace wellbeing and performance.


Private VIP Beach-Side Cabana & Butler Service

Who said rapid burnout recovery can't be full immersion pampering?

Limited only to the first four people that sign up, you'll get to experience your two-day breakthrough session in the VIP comforts of your own private cabana and infinity soaking pool, steps away overlooking the beach and ocean.

Drinks and meals delivered right to you, looking after all of your creature comforts.

How can we deepen and fast-track the changes even more?  You asked, so we delivered.

Added in this super bonus is a 45-minute clinical hypnosis session, personalized to speed up your integration process.

This is a truly transforming experience that you will remember for life, looking back and appreciating that sometimes life's setbacks, like burnout, is only a moment to help you realize what it's like being on the path of total wellbeing, high performance and achieving a career and life of clarity, meaning and fulfillment.

That's what we call our Ultimate Breakthrough Burnout transformation!

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